MINT LAB auf Schlössern / in kastelen

MINT LAB auf Schlössern / in kastelen im deutsch-niederländischen Grenzraum der Euregio Gronau

The labourmarket in the Dutch/German EUREGIO border region shows a shortage of skilled manpower in the field of scientific and technical professions. The project “MINT LAB auf Schlössern / in kastelen” promotes the interest of pupils for these professions by actively contrasting/combining history and high-tech/culture and science. Groups of 10 students of secondary schools of both countries aged approx. 12-16 accompanied by teachers take part in a joint project day at a German or Dutch historical sight (castle, palace, monastery or industrial heritage). The sight serves as an extracurricular place of learning where the binational teams work on modules in the fields of mathematics, informatics, natural science and technics (MINT).
The participants are coached by a Dutch-German team with both professional and didactical experience. The team also supports the students’ language acquisition and stimulates the development of their cross border capabilities. The obligatory guided tours through the respective sight broaden the historico-cultural knowledge and comprehension of every participant.
The regular participation of German and Dutch schools in the MINT-project days as well as the involvement of companies and universities and polytechnics in the events aim at the establishment of a sustainable border crossing network of teaching and economy.


Planned project

649.027,50 €

Project Duration

1.7.2017 - 30.6.2021


Soziokulturelle und territoriale Kohäsion des Programmgebietes

Lead Partner


Project partners

Regio Achterhoek, Stiftung Jugend & Schlösser, erkrath initial.NEAnderLab gGmbH (Träger des zdi-Zentrum NeanderLab, Hilden), Team Nijhuis Digital Marketing Experts


Financer Amount
Bernd Münstermann GmbH & Co. KG 4.000,00 €
Förderverein Biotechnologie NRW e. V. 4.000,00 €
Gemeente Hof van Twente 4.000,00 €
Regio Achterhoek 11.011,00 €
Team Nijhuis Digital Marketing Experts 15.010,24 €
Stolker Porselein Kristal 16.000,00 €
Stiftung Jugend & Schlösser 16.278,22 €
Förderkreis Kultur & Schlösser e. V. 20.000,00 €
Kreis Coesfeld 20.000,00 €
Rottendorf Stiftung 20.000,00 €
erkrath initial.NEAnderLab gGmbH (Träger des zdi-Zentrum NeanderLab, Hilden) 20.982,15 €
MB Niedersachsen 24.274,98 €
Andreas-Mohn-Stiftung 27.582,23 €
Provincie Gelderland 36.412,48 €
Provincie Overijssel 36.412,48 €
MWIDE NRW 48.549,97 €
EFRE / EFRO 324.513,75 €