LNG: Project aimed at the development of (regional) innovative solutions for the transport and industrial sector

Freight traffic by road and water will increase further in the coming years. Until now, transport has largely depended on fossil fuels. Due to the growth in freight traffic, CO2 emissions will also increase considerably which is bad for the environment and climate. The introduction of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel for heavy goods vehicles and inland shipping means no more particulate matter and sulfur emissions, 80 to 90% less nitrogen dioxide and up to 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.
The “LNG PILOTS” project was set up to speed up the introduction of LNG as an alternative fuel in cross-border freight traffic. The introduction of LNG as a new fuel entails a research and development need.
In the project, companies, knowledge institutions and interest groups will, among other things, carry out analyzes for a trimodal infrastructure (heavy truck traffic, inland vessels and industrial applications) in ports and industrial estates. The possibilities of using bio-LNG are also being investigated. In addition, logistics concepts are being developed for the border region of Germany and the Netherlands. Technical innovations in the area of gas stations and storage are also being further developed.
Project effects
Investments in this area will improve the quality of the regionally established research institutions and enable the establishment of high-quality technological companies in the fields of logistics, vehicle construction, shipbuilding, energy technology and energy supply. In addition, Germany and the Netherlands can strengthen technological precursors with regard to LNG applications and their competitive position in Europe.
Medium-sized companies in the logistics and transport industry are currently under great pressure to save costs. Their competitive position can be improved by the use of LNG as a fuel, so that jobs are also preserved for the long term.
The introduction of the new LNG business options will improve the order book of existing companies (conversion of ships to LNG, construction of plants, etc.), and lead to opportunities for setting up new businesses / activities.