Highpotentials Crossing Borders

Highpotentials Crossing Borders

The aim of the project Hiphpotentials Crossing Borders is to help students from Dutch and Germany universities of applied sciences to gain work experience in the regional, cross-border job market. Students have the opportunity of making contact with potential, regional employers at an early stage – in their second year – and, as a result, will focus much more on the (EU) regional job market upon graduation. This will counteract the current movement of highly qualified graduates away from the region to a certain extent. Both the students and the participating mentors from regional organizations benefit from this cross-border cooperation and will be able to expand their network on the other side of the border.

The Highpotentials Crossing Borders- project includes both training and teaching units for students and businesses and the opportunity of getting to know different businesses in the region. The project revolves around mentoring; an arrangement where the students are linked to a mentor at a business for the period of one academic year.

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Planned project costs

1.440.813,08 €

Project Duration

1.2.2017 - 30.9.2020


Socio-cultural and territorial cohesion in the programme area

Lead Partner

Fontys International Business School Venlo

Project partners

HS Niederrhein , Stichting Zuyd Hogeschool, HS Düsseldorf


Financer Amount
EFRE / EFRO 670.406,24 €
HS Düsseldorf 67.040,63 €
MWIDE NRW 167.601,55 €
Stichting Zuyd Hogeschool 67.040,62 €
Fontys International Business School Venlo 134.081,25 €
HS Niederrhein 67.040,63 €
Provincie Limburg 167.601,56 €