Grenzen bewegen

Grenzen bewegen

The project will sensitize long-term jobseekers for the labour market in the respective neighbouring country, with the help of a multi-week training programme adjusted to the chances and needs of the people involved. In this way the present psychological barriers of the cross-border “Unknown” can be reduced or ideally almost overcome. Potential employers (next to the named personnel service providers other companies will be approached) will be included in this phase in the training programme. Concrete profiles for jobs openings will be compared with the individual characteristics and possibilities of the participants. In addition, methodical experience from work first“ will be used, which distinctly builds on the reinforcement of self-placement competences.



       The project has the following goals:

  1. better convergence of supply and demand on the labour market;
  2. amplifying the cross-border conscience of people looking for a job and staff of the partner organisations;
  3. development of a tailor-made approach for a cross-border employment service in the Euregio;
  4. constitution of a network of experts on employment service in our border region;
  5. increasing of the networks of job agencies with the enterprises in the neighbouring country.