EUREGIO Güterkorridor

Cross-border strengthening of the logistics sector and the creation of added value from the flow of goods

The aim of the project „EUREGIO Güterkorridor“, finished in 2017, was to bring the cross-border logistics region closer together and to fortify the logistics sector in the light of the growing flow of goods and the strategic location on the North-South and West-East corridors. In five work packages, the current and future situation of freight transport was examined, infrastructural bottlenecks and interoperability obstacles were identified, opportunities for sustainable logistics were developed and, finally, the region was fortified by a joint development strategy for the EUREGIO freight corridor. Partners from both sides of the border worked together with the EUREGIO as Lead Partner on the following work packages:

• Study on the logistical profile of the EUREGIO area
• Study on the situation of transport infrastructure in the EUREGIO area
• Promoting the cross-border interoperability
• Development of innovation projects to increase sustainability in the transport and logistics sector (“Green corridor”)
• Developing a common strategy