E-bus 2020: In Motion Charging

Innovative products for trolley-battery busses

Arnhem is the only city in the Netherlands, where overhead wires busses, or trolleybusses, can be found. As far as being derided as old since some years, in the meanwhile this form of electrical local public transport has been again actual and in the future there will be some extensions of the project. For this reason also trolleybusses without overhead wire could go a little bit further and the German-Dutch project E-Bus 2020 will be started in order to use the infrastructure e.g.for electric cars.

For instance an energy-efficiency-optimised-trolleybus-equipment with batteries will be developed within the project. The existing overhead wire network will be established as charging path. The 18m electrical busses will be charged charged in motion, the bus doesn’t have to stand still whilst charging. This ensures a high rate of availability for the busses and increases productivity. Service without overhead wire facilitates the extension of the existing busline without having to build overhead wiring and which can replace diesel-/gas bus lines.

Using the trolleybuses in Batterymode requires specific technology. This project will manufacture products for the improvement of the energy consumption and the optimal utilisation of the charging infrastructure.

The vehicles developed are a valuable laboratory test. Data will be received and analised by the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Data pools are useful as basis for further developments.

Overhead wire as charging station
The electromobility will boost the cities´ energy demand. Therefore the extension of the energy network is necessary. In the E-Bus 2020´s project the overhead wire network will be expanded as smart grid. Assembled charging stations for electrical passenger cars will be developed with batteries and connected to the overhead wire. The batteries hold brake or sun energy, whereby the available energy will be used more efficiently.

Besides the local public transport, the charging concept can also be used for other traffic segments. As „launching customer”, the cities of Arnhem and Renkum provide a platform that allows the testing of all the technologies across companies.