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Euregionaal Mobiliteitsplan-Euregionaler Mobilitätsplan

H2 Chance


Innovationen – von der Natur inspiriert

SHE – sustainable healthy euregio

Unterrichtsmaterial D-NL / Lesmateriaal D-NL


Laserabtrag lokaler Fehlstellen


In the list of projects you will also find a tabular overview of all projects and project partners in accordance with the VO (EU) Nr. 1303/2013, Art. 115 (Stand 03.09.2020).

Would you like to get an idea of the projects that have already been completed from 2007-2013? The project overviews from INTERREG IV A are available here:

Projekte 2007-2013 – Priorität 1 “Wirtschaft, Technologie und Innovation”

Projekte 2007-2013 – Priorität 2 “Nachhaltige regionale Entwicklung”

Projekte 2007-2013 – Priorität 3 “Integration und Gesellschaft”

Projekte 2007-2013 – Priorität 4 “Technische Hilfe”