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Programme structure

Organization and structure of the programme


The implementation of the programme is being controlled by the Supervisory Committee, in which all the INTERREG-partners are represented. The members of the Supervisory Committee gather together two or three times a year. The Supervisory Committee is the supreme body of the programme. For example, in the supervisory committee the objectives of the programme and the implementation of the programme are discussed.
Decisions about projects are taken within the four regional steering groups. Furthermore, projects within priority 1 are also discussed in the so called “Innovation-consultation”. This body is represented by programme partners and experts and deals with the substantive assessment of the projects.


The management authority of the INTERREG-programme Germany-Netherlands is the Ministry of Economic Affairs of North Rhein – Westphalia, that must render an account about the Programme to the European Commission.


The certification authority observes the payments of all the co-financers to the project leader and checks the legit expenditures. The directive authority (Bezirksregierung Münster), gives the official decisions about the projects. The Ministry of Finance of North Rhein – Westphalia acts as the independent audit authority, which is responsible for the second control.


The four regional programme managements at the Ems Dollart Region, de EUREGIO, de Euregio Rhein-Waal and the Euregio rhein-maas-noord council the project implementation. The regional programme management is the first port of call for project partners, furthermore they process project requirements and help partners finding cross-border projects. You can find the contact details of the programme managements here.


The Joint INTERREG secretariat accompanies the implementation of the INTERREG-programme. Besides that, it supports the management authority with the management of the programme and it functions as the secretariat of the Supervisory Committee. Furthermore, the secretariat attend in consultation with the regional programme manegements about the publicity of the programme and edits the annual Reports.