INTERREG post 2020

Interreg VI 2021-2027

The current programme period, INTERREG V, will end at the end of 2020. This means that the next programme period, Interreg VI, will start in 2021. The preparations for Interreg VI have been in full swing for some time on . Although INTERREG V is a success, this does not mean that nothing needs to be improved or changed. On the one hand, we are continuing to improve the rules and processes within the programme and, at the same time, as a programme we are dependent on new rules, instructions and guidelines from the European Commission. Priorities and objectives will be updated to respond to current needs and wishes in the border region. A good example of this is the additional attention given to the changing environment and climate. Interreg Deutschland-Nederland will also contribute to the challenges involved by means of a special priority aimed at a “greener Europe”.

The above-mentioned preparations and related changes are all not yet final. When the preparations for the programme are (as far as possible) completed, a public consultation will follow, during which anyone who wishes to do so can express their opinion and suggest possible points for improvement. Please keep an eye on our website for this.